Westover Inn Ontario Wedding – The Budget


Written by the lovely, Carolyn Bentum

One of the biggest things that we wanted to do with this wedding creative was to show couples that you can have an absolutely beautiful and meaningful wedding within a very reasonable budget of $20,000.  Weddings today get a bad rap for being so expensive and setting couples back before their married life has even begun.  Olivia and Ryan’s Family Affair wedding is just one example of how you can be very intentional with your wedding budget.  By seeking to highlight your own love story and the true values of your heart you can have a wedding that is not only steeped with gorgeous details, you can work with trustworthy, professional vendors who will understand your vision and serve you with their whole hearts, and you can have a heart of generosity to bless those that are truly special in your life without completely breaking the bank.

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, I suggest you start there so you can have a full picture of what this Family Affair Wedding entails!

Here’s Olivia & Ryan’s Wedding Budget compared to the Industry Range.  We’ve broken down into categories so you can see how all the funds would be dispersed:

Venue:  The Westover Inn

The wedding of Olivia and Ryan all began with a dream of celebrating their marriage the same way their families felt – welcoming, full of laughter and really close. So instead of opting for the traditional wedding where they would invite family and friends from afar, they decided they would invite “their family” – those individuals who shared their blood and their heart’s love. To make it feel like home they decided to be married at a small inn where their entire “family” could stay for the wedding weekend and partake in the festivities from start to finish. ⠀
And so when Olivia and Ryan came across the Westover Inn and their beautiful grounds they knew immediately that this is the place their journey as husband and wife would begin. ⠀The amazing staff cared for their plans and their family as if they were their own. And so Olivia and Ryan were married just after sunrise and they celebrated alongside their family over a beautiful spring brunch in the most picture perfect setting. ⠀

Included in Cost: Rentals of the Ceremony and Reception space; mimosas, breakfast hor d’oeuvres and brunch for 35 guests.

Wedding Planner:  Spunky Sapphire Events

We imagined that Olivia and Ryan, although their wedding was small compared to today’s traditional wedding standards, still wanted to have someone as the lead for their wedding planning since their venue was a “destination” and they wanted to be sure that all of their details were carefully crafted and coordinated without them having to carry ownership of them all. Selecting Anna was easy as her heart for marriages that are more beautiful than the weddings they celebrate is evident in all of the work she provides for her clients. Her enthusiasm and care are prominent in her communication and Olivia and Ryan knew they were in good hands as they hosted their friends and family as they celebrated their union as husband and wife. ⠀

Included in Cost: Full wedding planning.

Photographer: Carolyn Bentum Photography

We believe Olivia and Ryan would have selected me (Carolyn) to be their wedding photographer because they knew that ultimately all they would walk away with from their marriage celebration with would be their new spouse, their personal memories and the carefully crafted photographs that they would cherish for many years to come. Choosing Carolyn was easy as she was referred to Olivia and Ryan by friends who had used her for their own wedding, and her heart for creating beautiful love legacies connected with their vision for their own wedding photographs – timeless pieces that they and their future family would look at in times of both joy and sorrow and be able to see that their life was lived with much love.

Included in Cost: Five hours of wedding day hybrid coverage by one photographer; high-resolution jpeg images on USB, presented in a keepsake print box filled with wedding highlight photographs.


Olivia and Ryan wanted their wedding to be a way they could celebrate not only their own relationship, but the ones that had brought them this far.  They wanted to bless their family and friends as they had been blessed.  So practicing generous, heartfelt hospitality was at the centre of their wedding planning and budget so that each of their guests would feel incredibly welcome and know that they were a valuable part of their marriage celebration.  Having everyone come to celebrate with them for the weekend meant the world to Olivia and Ryan, so they wanted to bless them as they had been blessed, with thoughtful little surprises throughout their time in St. Mary’s.

Welcome Baskets: 

Included in Cost: 15 Welcome Baskets filled with locally sourced treats for their guests to enjoy throughout the duration of the wedding celebration and a few to enjoy at home as well; tickets to the local theatre to catch a matinee following the wedding brunch.

Pique-Nique Lunches: Savoury & Cake/The Pique-Nique Box

The team at Savoury & Cake and the Pique-Nique box would have been chosen by Olivia and Ryan as a part of the hospitality they wanted to shower upon their family and friends. After the official wedding festivities had wrapped up, and Olivia and Ryan were on their way to their honeymoon, they had arranged for all of their guests to receive the most perfectly packed pique-nique lunches to accompany their matinee theatre tickets.  The intent was that they could meander the quaint villages and enjoy some delicious refreshment on their own and feel a little spoiled from our thoughtful couple. ⠀

Included in Cost: Pique-Nique lunches for 33 boxes.

Hotel Rooms: Westover Inn

Ryan and Olivia wanted their wedding to feel like home. Because Ryan’s family  would be travelling from Alberta for the wedding they also wanted to have a wedding that would make them feel like it was happening at “home”.  So they decided to be married at the Westover Inn where their entire “family” could stay for the wedding weekend and partake in the festivities from start to finish.

Included in Cost: 15 room rentals for one evening.

Florist:  Fleurish Design Studio

Olivia and Ryan would have chosen Jess as their floral designer because she has an incredible eye and an even better imagination! Her work is constantly evolving as she pushes herself to improve, stay ahead of and create uniquely within trends and she serves every client beyond their expectations. Knowing that their floral design would be their biggest decor element, they wanted something that was incredibly beautiful and that would have that natural “wow” factor. When Jess suggested this floral ring she was just adding to her design collections as not only their ceremony backdrop but that could also be repurposed for their alfresco brunch, they were so excited to be working with an artist with such fresh creative vision.⠀

Included in Cost: Garden inspired bridal bouquet, Groom’s boutonnière, ceremony and brunch floral ring backdrop and greenery for table and detail garnishes.

Decor: SimplyBeautiful Decor (Tableware sourced at Pier One)

We imagined that Olivia and Ryan wanted to work with the best in the wedding industry because they wanted professional, trustworthy, and talented creatives to help them create a beautiful setting within which their family and friends would feel loved and appreciated as they celebrated their marriage together.  Elegant and classic linens would line three long tables that set the scene for this gorgeous brunch.  Olivia and Ryan would be seated at the centre so that they could share in the joy of being surrounded by their “family” and the beautiful grounds of the Westover Inn as well.

Included in Cost: Rentals for table linens; market researched pricing of napkins, chargers, flatware, and glassware.

Stationery: Alicia’s Infinity

We believe Olivia and Ryan would have been drawn to Alicia’s talent because they wanted their guests to feel incredibly welcome and at home for their wedding celebration. This was of utmost importance as they made their final decisions because their paper elements would be the first and continuous way they could extend their offer of hospitality to their family and friends. Alicia’s work embodies all of this through her incredible talent, attention to detail and love poured into every element. We definitely believe that Olivia and Ryan’s guests would have felt incredibly excited and welcome to receive their invitation to celebrate with this couple in this way. ⠀

Included in Cost: Invitation Suite – two-sided wedding invitation and love quote print & envelope, two-sided watercolour map directions card, two-sided RSVP card and return envelope; individual menu card for each guest at celebratory brunch.

Hair & Makeup:

Hair Artist: Dolce Divas

Included in Cost: Hair design for Bride, Mother of Bride & Mother of Groom.

Makeup Artist:  Love Me Makeup

Included in Cost: Makeup design for Bride, Mother of Bride & Mother of Groom.

We imagined that Olivia would want to have beauty experts helping her prepare who have a heart for marriages, because they would need to arrive unbelievably early to help her be ready for their sunrise first look and only those who truly love true love would be willing to sacrifice their own rest for this. Olivia also knew that having some of the industry’s best and most kindhearted artists there to get her ready would help calm her nerves of excitement as she prepared with just her Mom for her wedding celebration.

Bride’s Attire: Second Dance Bridal

Olivia chose to wear a simply beautiful Vera Wang dress for her wedding celebration.  For Olivia a dress that was classic and elegant and made her feel truly beautiful was the dress she wanted to marry the man of her dreams in, and this piece was one she would forever remember wearing.⠀She decided to purchase her gown from Second Dance Bridal because she wanted a beautiful dress at the most reasonable price possible.

Included in Cost: Vera Wang White Bridal Gown.

Photographer: Carolyn Bentum Photography | Planner: Spunky Sapphire Events | Florist: Fleurish Design Studio | Venue: Westover Inn | Stationery: Alicia’s Infinity | Hair: Teased Bridal (Dolce Divas) | Makeup: Love Me Makeup | Gown: Second Dance Bridal | Picnic Boxes: The Pique-Nique Box by Savoury & Cake | Linen: Simply Beautiful Décor | Tableware: Pier One | Models: Matt + Nicole | Film Scanning: The FIND Lab |

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