Wedding Stationery Design Process

Wedding Invitation Design Process-01

To start the process off, we’ll have a get-to-know-you e-mail, phone or skype call, whichever is most convenient! I want to create stationery that matches your dream wedding exactly, so this step is important! From there, my clients have two options: pick from an existing theme in my COLLECTION or request something CUSTOM designed.

COLLECTION: I’ve created several wedding stationery themes that I love! Each theme can include all the paper elements you’ll need for your big day, including invitations, RSVP cards, menus and thank you cards. I can personalize any theme to your liking, so if you’d like small revisions such as colour, wording changes or font style, that’s no problem.

CUSTOM: For that extra special touch, I’m delighted to paint new artwork to perfectly compliment your vision for the theme/aesthetic of your wedding day! If you don’t have a theme yet, that’s okay too. We can brainstorm ideas together based on even just a colour pallette, which I can also help with 🙂

For either option, at this time I’ll need to know what paper items you’re interested in, such as save-the-dates, custom maps, menus, table numbers, thank you cards, etc. See a more elaborate list of pieces here!

Wedding Invitation Design Process-02

My least favourite part of the process is the numbers, so let’s get that out of the way! I’ll develop a quote agreement for all of the items you’re interested in and any other details we discussed previously. We’re flexible at this stage and can easily switch something around and/or tailor it to fit your budget. Note that quantities can be adjusted later if your guest counts changes. Once it looks good to you, I’ll have you sign the agreement and ask for a 25% deposit to start the design fun!

We can now create a schedule of when your items need to be completed by. My rule of thumb is, add 2 weeks for printed proofs, and keep in mind you will assemble and mail everything yourself. It will take a minimum of 3 weeks for COLLECTION themes and at least 8 weeks for CUSTOM designs (exceptions may arise).

Wedding Invitation Design Process-03

COLLECTION: Since one of my existing designs fits perfectly with your vision, all I need from you is the wording/info you’d like to use for each of the pieces. If you had requested any small design revisions, such as colour, verbiage or font style, now is the time to outline those details! A quick email will do the trick.

CHECKLIST: the name of event, who it is for, date, time, location and RSVP info, as well as any details for additional pieces such as directions or your wedding website.

CUSTOM: This is the perfect time to share your Pinterest board or send me photos and ideas you’ve been collecting. If you have a concept already, that’s great! If not, we’ll work together to design something perfect for your big day. It’s helpful at this stage if you know the wording/info you’d like to use for each of the pieces, as that will affect the design and layout.

CHECKLIST: the name of event, who it is for, date, time, location and RSVP info, as well as any details for additional pieces such as directions or your wedding website.


Wedding Invitation Design Process-04

COLLECTION: No sketch required here as the artwork is already complete!  Skip ahead to “Proofs and final details”

CUSTOM: It’s sketch time for your custom design! I’ll begin with 4-6 rough sketches of your invitation and RSVP card (if applicable) to get a general idea for layout and content. You can review them and let me know which you love, or what I can change to make you love it! After 2 rounds of revisions on your chosen sketch, we are ready to move forward to the next stage: the refined drawing!

I will take your chosen rough sketch and re-draw it with clean lines and more details, so you can get a better sense of the final piece. If there are any requests for changes to the layout, content or details of the artwork, it needs to be done at this stage, before I begin painting!

Wedding Invitation Design Process-05CUSTOM: Fun with colour – now is when it all comes to life! Once you approve the refined drawing, I will paint your custom artwork!!!

Just a note: I will design the original art to look beautiful framed, because you get to keep this painting as a memento of this exciting time and special process!

Wedding Invitation Design Process-06

COLLECTION & CUSTOM: I will send you a digital proof over email with all of the verbiage you provided me. Since I’m super focused on the design aspect, it’s extremely important that you and a loved one proofread all items a few times to ensure they are correct. Find that fine toothed comb and use it well 😉 This is where I’ll need your approval to go to print.

You can be mailed a printed proof if you’d like to see it in person first (that will generally take 7-10 business days). Once you approve the proof, I’ll need the rest of the payment before going to final prints.

Wedding Invitation Design Process-07This is the most exciting step, as you will soon have all of the pieces in your hands! I’ll order the prints and have them mailed to you. Now you can have fun assembling (with some lovely friends, perhaps) and affixing stamps to mail them to your wonderful guests… and let the RSVPs roll in 🙂