DIY Herringbone Knit Cowl Scarf

Sharing a DIY cowl scarf I made out a vintage skirt (the fabric) and 2 balls of yarn… It was a happy accident because I ran out of yarn and wanted to make a cowl scarf, so I found the skirt material and it matched so perfectly!

DIY Herringbone Knit Cowl Scarf

Here’s a great video on how to do the herringbone stitch – once you get it, it’s not too difficult, and SO worth it 🙂


Unfortunately this all came together unplanned, so I don’t have progress photos… but it’s not too complicated.  All you need is a rectangle of knitted fabric, and any other heavy fabric of your choice.  I stitched the knitting onto both sides of my skirt fabric using my sewing machine, as you can see in this photo. I then folded the ends onto each other so it made the shape below (it helps to try it on your neck first).  Last, I hand stitched the sides together.  Sorry for the lack of photos, if I make another one, I’ll be sure to document properly!
DIY Herringbone Knit Cowl Scarf

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