New Wedding Lookbook!

New Alicia's Infinity Wedding Stationery and Jewellery Lookbook

Hot off the press! My new Wedding Lookbook is officially ready for distribution! It features my illustrated stationery, one-of-a-kind jewellery and brooch bouquets. I’m so excited and proud to show it off  🙂

If you know any brides-to-be, I’d really appreciate you sharing this with them!

One-of-a-kind Jewelry Treasures

I’m a treasure hunter on the side, and love every minute of it!  Going to garage sales, antique markets, estate sales and the like is one of my favorite hobbies.  You NEVER know what you will find, so you can’t really go ‘looking’ for something specific – but that’s the fun of it!  You just don’t know what you want, or need, until you spot it 🙂

These are some little tiny treasures I’ve collected over time, and am planning to use making some one-of-a-kind jewelry! I love using antique elements for unique wedding jewelry especially, since it gives that cherished, heirloom look.  Mixing the antique pieces with modern chains and beads keeps the jewelry up to date, and even fashion forward.

Check back soon for some new Wedding and Fashion Jewelry pieces!

Have a great weekend!

Unique One-of-a-kind Wedding Jewellery Treasures