The Vintage Marketplace show!


I’m SUPER excited to be participating in The Vintage Marketplace show April 13/14.  It will feature antiques, jewellery, wedding, art, fashion… everything I love!  All the details can be found here!

Also, check out my Vendor Spotlight on their blog, along with all the others – what a great feature!

And of course, come to this amazing show!!!

Happy Monday, hope you have a great week 🙂

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Planning a Wedding?

Spring is in the air, which means that wedding season is just around the corner!  Some of you may be planning a wedding, so maybe my new illustrated infographic will get you even more excited than I’m sure you already are!  It’s a little guide of 10 steps to plan a wedding, in a pretty, girlie way of course!
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Planning a Wedding Infographic

One-of-a-kind Jewelry Treasures

I’m a treasure hunter on the side, and love every minute of it!  Going to garage sales, antique markets, estate sales and the like is one of my favorite hobbies.  You NEVER know what you will find, so you can’t really go ‘looking’ for something specific – but that’s the fun of it!  You just don’t know what you want, or need, until you spot it 🙂

These are some little tiny treasures I’ve collected over time, and am planning to use making some one-of-a-kind jewelry! I love using antique elements for unique wedding jewelry especially, since it gives that cherished, heirloom look.  Mixing the antique pieces with modern chains and beads keeps the jewelry up to date, and even fashion forward.

Check back soon for some new Wedding and Fashion Jewelry pieces!

Have a great weekend!

Unique One-of-a-kind Wedding Jewellery Treasures


Lace Decor & New Wedding Invitation Design

Weddings represent and celebrate the love between a couple, so you want to show off your best side! Whether it be through your dream wedding gown, gorgeous flower arrangements, or beautiful wedding art for your invitations, you want your big day to be tailored just right to fit your taste and aesthetic.

I believe that having a theme, or at least a colour palette, is the most important part of planning a wedding (or any event for that matter).  It can really make a celebration at any price point feel cohesive and perfectly put together.  The wedding invitation design is the first piece of your wedding that your guests will see.  It absolutely sets the tone for your big day, so it’s helpful and comfortable to maintain that feeling and tone when the guests arrive at the venue for your wedding.  My new teal wedding invitation design combines two of my favourite things: teal and lace!

Alicia's Infinity Teal Lace Wedding invitation design   KJ & Co. Vintage Rentals

Keeping within the same tones and colour family is an easy and beautiful way to do so, but there are also more creative ways such as having some key icons throughout the day and decor.  Since I’m in love with lace and aqua, for example, you could have lace watercolour wedding artwork, lace decor with antique letterpress notes, antique lace jewellery, centrepieces of lace wrapped antique aqua bottles filled with white poppies, and of course, cupcakes with decorative lace icing!

Patricia's Cake Creations     Alicia's Infinity Teal Lace Wedding jewellery design

When you mix other elements, like poppies and aqua glass, with the antique lace, it gives it a fresh and feminine feeling!  Just use whatever it is you love, and it will be beautiful!

Photo Credits:
“XOXO Lace” by KJ & Co.
Patricia’s Cake Creations” by Corina V. Photography
Alicia’s Infinity Invitation and Jewellery



My first blog post!

So, this is my very first blog post…I suppose it’s about time?!

I just completed this brand new illustration, art & jewellery website, and am really excited to share it with you!

Including a blog on my website is a perfect way to share my creative adventures, inspiration, photos and works in progress (which I will do as often as I can!).  First I would like to introduce you to my home studio – it’s a place filled with collections, inspiration and a bit of mess (a.k.a, organized chaos)…but that’s just how I work best!  It’s filled with antique treasures, magazine clippings, craft supplies and LOTS of inspiration – I love it here.

Welcome, I hope you’ll stay a while!

~ Alicia




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